Accepted Materials

Leaves, grass, & brush

Logs and tree waste up to 10" in diameter will be accepted free of charge to participating cities. Material 10"-36" will be at a charge of $9.00 per cubic yard no matter your city of residence. 

Garden waste including apples, cornstalks, pumpkins, and straw

Sod, dirt, sand, & gravel in small quantities*

Woodchips (no charge)

We Accept Your Ash Trees

Maple Grove Yardwaste Site is a Minnesota Department of Agriculture approved disposal site for Emerald Ash Borer infested wood.


Items Not Accepted

We do not accept tree stumps, erosion blankets, metal objects of any sort, appliances, or any foreign objects. These objects are detrimental to our equipment. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THESE OBJECTS AT THE YARDWASTE SITE.

* A small quantity of sod, dirt, and gravel is an amount that comes to the site in a residential vehicle such as a pickup truck or a small trailer. Sod, dirt, or gravel that is brought in large quantities such as in a 1 ton truck will be accepted for a fee.