Common Questions


What cities can dispose their waste for free?

Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Champlin, Dayton, New Hope, Crystal, and Rogers (with permit) with picture ID. If you recently moved to a participating city bring your old ID with your closing document or utility bill. 

(Anything over 10" in diameter will access a fee no matter which city you are from.)


Can I bring in the tree I cut down?

Brush, logs, and leaves are all accepted. Anything over 10" in diameter will be at an extra fee no matter which city you are from. We do not accept stumps.


Can I bring my leaves in bags?

You can bring your material in bags but everything must be de-bagged at the site and the bags must leave with you. No biodegradable bags are accepted.


what types of payment are accepted?

Maple Grove Yardwaste Site accepts cash, check, or credit card.


What is a Cubic Yard?

A cubic yard=Length x Height x Width/27 (in feet)

6 bags of leaves or grass is approximately 1 Cubic Yard


Can I bring more then one material?

You are more than welcome to bring as many accepted materials, as long as they are separated. We do not accept mixed loads!