Open without charge To Residents Of:

Maple Grove, Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Dayton, Champlin, New Hope, Crystal, Rogers (with permit)

(Must have a valid picture ID. Just moved? Bring your old ID with your closing documents or utility bill.)

(Material 10"-22" in diameter will be charged $8.00 per cubic yard no matter which city you are from.)


Open to residents of all cities and commercial customers at the following fees:


Grass, Leaves, Brush, Logs: $8.00 cubic yard


Grass: $12.00 cubic yard

Leaves, Brush, Logs: $8.00 cubic yard


Grass, Leaves, Brush, & Logs: $8.00 cubic yard


Clean Black Dirt: $12.00 cubic yard

Sod & Dirt/Clay Mix: $16.00 cubic yard

Aggregate (Under 2 inches): $16.00 cubic yard

Bales of Hay: $2.00 each or $8.00 a cubic yard


Bagged Material:

33 Gallon Trash Bags: $1:00 each (June-September $2.00 each for grass)

Extra Large Trash Bags: $2.00 each (June-September $4.00 for grass)

(All material must be de-bagged at the site and bags removed. Biodegradable bags are not accepted.)

Material 10"-22" in diameter will be charged $8.00 per cubic yard no matter which city you are from.


Residential vs Commercial:

Commercial customers will always be charged the above fees. Any material that arrives in a commercial vehicle will be charged as commercial, no matter where the material comes from. Any material brought in by a landlord or property owner from a rental property is for profit and will be considered commercial and fees will apply regardless of the city the property is in.

Residential material is material brought from a residential property that you currently reside, in a private type vehicle such as a car, pickup, or small trailer. 


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